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Syahmi Yem | This FB Ad Selling Glowing Balls is Brilliant. Here’s Why.
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This FB Ad Selling Glowing Balls is Brilliant. Here’s Why.

​The first time I saw this ads popped up in my news feed, I instantly went from ‘casually scrolling’ to ‘WTH IS THIS’??? That’s the first criteria in building an effective ads copy, it attracts your attention. Some of the typical Facebook ads copy are just so bland that they only floated for a quarter second on our minds. My eyes were pulled towards the glowing sack of balls, opened wide with fascination (I mean, come on, how are they going to caption this?), and moved to the white text in the black background. Now that they have got my attention, they are doing the second criteria pretty impressively, which is to deliver the information on the product to me. They literally forced me to read the description, which I might not get a good night sleep if I don’t, thank you curiosity. The description cracks me up. It touches my emotion; I feel good for laughing. That, sir, doesn’t look like a heart shaped tail light, not at all. That is some glowing sack of balls for your bike, seriously.

Well, then I went to their page and liked it, well, if they are coming up with this kind of marketing idea, I’m pretty sure those guys are going to nail it. But why? Is it a misnomer? Does this kind of ads copy sells? Does people take actions afterward? Does it convert to sales?

Why is this ads copy brilliant? What about it that helps the business? A good ads copy doesn’t necessarily have to show a genius product that amazes people. In this ads, we know they are investing right because the amount of shares that they got from the post is about one-third more that the likes. This kind of ‘absurd’ ads, gotta leave a comment, no? Well there they got a pretty decent number of comment for a link-conversion ads. That kind of engagement is not even easy to pull off by using an image ads!

In Facebook marketing, engagement is everything. Most image ads (I’m not talking about link-conversion ads, where you put up a link requesting for everyone to click on it, like our witty example here), does have a lot of engagement in the form of likes or the usual ‘PM PLEASE’ comment, but not shares. The ratio of share:likes:comments on this ads copy is terrific! This ad is getting traction, and once they arrived at the tipping point, they will get an uptick in page likes and of course, sales.

Well, that’s it. That’s the things you need to create a viral content and get more brand engagement, all right in front of your eyes sitting around in your Facebook news feed. But you didn’t see it, don’t you? You only see ads as ads and didn’t actually try to understand or imitate what they have done, am I right? Tell me if I’m wrong.

Oh, and one more thing. An effective ads copy should have an effective call-to-action. Now, scroll back to ads copy and then continue reading.

They put the sense of urgency [FOR A LIMITED TIME] in their texts. That’s a good, subtle call-to-action. If you want it, you gotta get it now. Or else, who knows, you might not get this for the price we currently offer. This is to convert impulsive buyers into making decisions. Now that’s a good ads copy.

I think I might want to get this for some friends who are about to get married. Might give them as a present with a note that say, “Dude, here some extra glowing sack of balls. I know you gonna need them.” They might unfriend me, but that’s worth it though. Now who’s getting married?

Syahmi Yem
FB Ads Rock and Roll Critic

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