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Syahmi Yem | Why Malaysian Businesses Should Invest In Facebook Marketing?
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Why Malaysian Businesses Should Invest In Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing has always been a new venture for Malaysians, yet we are seeing a very huge potential for businesses to get on it as soon as possible. There is no easier way to connect with your future prospects and current customers but through social media marketing. Why?

Last May, Facebook has opened its first local office in KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Facebook is looking to connect with more businesses and agencies in Malaysia. Today’s customers are mobile-first, they are spending more time on-the-go and consuming a lot more information through their mobile phone rather than sitting at the desktop and surfing the web (like we once used to do).

According to a recent survey by research firm TNS, 94% of Malaysians discovered products and brands on Facebook, and 62% make a purchase after discovery. Malaysians are also twice more likely to like a page compared to the global average.

There are currently more than 18 million Malaysians on the social media platform, and 6.5 million people on Instagram, which the company also owns. Malaysian also ranks 10th globally for the number of friends, which is 60% more than the global average.

Facebook has also mentioned that South-East Asia is its fastest growing region and Malaysia, being a mobile first country with 144% mobile penetration rate, is one of the key growth drivers.

Facebook has also mentioned that South-East Asia is its fastest growing region and Malaysia, being a mobile first country with 144% mobile penetration rate, is one of the key growth drivers.
Out of the 1.65 billion users on the platform globally, more than 241 million comes from South-East Asia, mostly (94%) accessing through mobile devices.

A lot of businesses have tried to utilize Facebook as a marketing platforms, even paid thousands to try and dip their toe in these uncharted waters. However, a lot of those companies went into the new advertising platform with little technical and theoretical knowledge on the platform. They have wasted thousands of Ringgit on this venture, and are not coming back. The hurtful truth is that you can’t manage your business Facebook page just like your own personal Facebook page. Some people that I have met will mention, “What’s the difference? It’s still Facebook. It’s just like selling something on your own personal Facebook wall.”

Here’s the thing, it’s not. It’s really different. The way you should write, the contents you should be posting, everything should be planned towards one single objective; to convert the likes you got on your Facebook page into sales. Some business pages that I have consulted got hundreds of personal messages every day, but only a few of the converts to sales. When people are not buying online, there’s got to be a problem with your sales script. You can convert people offline with your enthusiasm, your symbol of success, your enticing voice and your facial expression, but those things will not be visible online. Closing a sale online and offline is very, very different, and not everyone has the knowledge to differentiate between these two.

If you are looking to start your own business, online is the way to go. Here’s why:

  • You don’t need to burden yourself with massive overhead costs (rentals, electricity, maintenance)
  • You can start anywhere, and anytime
  • You can manage your business wherever you like, whenever you want
  • You don’t need any troublesome registration or paperwork
  • You yourself can monitor your business, without having to get an office

But these things can only be achieved when you are doing the right thing in managing your online business. Some people are more comfortable when doing business on Facebook, some on Whatsapp, some by phone calls and some on the website. You can get all these business if you are equipped with the right knowledge!

Facebook marketing isn’t only about starting a business, but also managing it. And you will need both to survive!

Syahmi Yem
Facebook Marketing Groupie 


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