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Syahmi Yem | PM PLS Part 1 – A New Digital Advertising Era, In Your Pocket!
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PM PLS Part 1 – A New Digital Advertising Era, In Your Pocket!

While managing my media company and running a number of online marketing campaign on the side, I have stumbled upon many ideas and concepts that should be known to everyone who run an online business. Online marketing, as scary or as promising as it may sound, is the compulsory market penetration strategy for a low cost advertising campaign. Some of the people I know manages their own online marketing campaign, and while being completely literal on the technical sides, many doesn’t really understand how an online marketing campaign should be run.

When I first get involved in Facebook marketing about six years ago, the platform is on its peak. Everyone is talking about selling something on Facebook, and it is getting easier for people to write/read reviews on their particular product than ever before! Facebook marketing has been slowly seeping into the list of mainstream business platforms worldwide. Some people who denied the necessity of online marketing platform in their business started to have less leads online and slower growth rate.

Online marketing has been around for almost a couple of decades now, since the dot com craze back at the early 2000s. In this light of advancement, it is way easier today to start and launch a business.

We will be quick to think about a brick-and-mortar store, with our own store manager, a big, nice signboard and a promotional flyer, but that’s really not how it works today.

This brings me back to a friend of mine who make his own single product, build a Facebook page, put a bunch of money for Facebook advertising, and scored more than RM50,000 per month. When he showed me the photo of his operating premise, I can see the reason clearly. It was his single storey terrace house that he rented as a student, filled with his products and postage parcels everywhere. When I wanted to see where he makes the sales, he showed me a photo of 4 people sitting at a dining table facing their laptops. Those are his salespeople.

He sold the products from his house with a team of friends. He doesn’t need any big and fancy store or office. He doesn’t have any extra overhead costs to keep his business running. He doesn’t have to go around putting up banners and giving out flyers. It was all done online.

And he makes thousands every month. This is when I realize, everyone can be like him with the right tools. It’s the dawn of the new age of marketing.

The store is digital. The product, however, is for you to decide.

I always loved to quote from one of my favourite teacher, Gary Vaynerchuk, your mobile phone is the new television. We used to read newspapers, but now less people are reading printed media materials. We also used to watch the television, but now less people are watching television to consume information. We used to be sceptical of the power of electronic media, but now is the era of the internet. We got wireless connections almost everywhere in the world, and most of us owned a mobile phone. Now is the best time to invest in social media marketing, because just after a decade of Facebook’s conception, a Facebook account is a vital requirement for almost everyone on Earth. Think about it for a moment, we are now turning our TVs and scrolling on our phone. Isn’t it obvious that our televisions are turning into radios, and our mobile phone became our new TVs?

The mobile device is now the television, and the television is now the radio. – Gary Vaynerchuk

Online marketing is just the same as your television. We watch, read and listen on it. The social media platforms are just like your television channels. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are different just like CNN, Al-Jazeera or Astro Oasis are different. Different platforms; different channels and different purpose and content. We just needed to know on which channel should we focus on and what are the types of materials to be advertised on each channels.

Are you still pessimistic on the potential of mobile advertising? Let’s look at the statistics on our (soon-to-be familiar) Facebook’s Audience Insight.

This is the distribution graph for 15 to 20 million active users in Malaysia. There are 30.8 million people, and 20 million of them are active users of Facebook. From those 20 million, 70% of them (approximately 14 million) are accessing Facebook ONLY from mobile. Let’s be real, not everyone has access to a laptop or even a desktop, but a mobile phone is a necessity these days!

Remember, we are talking about the potential in millions!

So why does online marketing matter? Because your target users spend considerable time online!

40% of the global population accesses internet. 100% fall in data transfer and storage costs, and guess what, 87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablet and smartphone.

Online marketing, in the easiest words of itself, is crucial for your business because first, it helps you to engage your users/prospects/customers with creative, relevant and visual content and make it shareable. Engagement will be a high-frequency word that will be repeated throughout the book. Remember not to leave out the word ‘social’ in your business marketing; being social is the key to marketing in social media.


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