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Syahmi Yem | PM PLS Part 3 – Knowing Your Products
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PM PLS Part 3 – Knowing Your Products

“Not What, But Why?”

This has always been the best part for me. Firstly, I want you to remember, you wanted to sell your products, but keep in mind that you don’t want to sell your products until the day you die, so my word is to sell your products until they sell themselves.

Don’t think about what are you selling, but think about why you are selling it. The focus will then shift from you (the seller), to your customers (the buyer). They don’t really care about you or what you are selling, they were just thinking about how your products will help them!

Let’s take a company selling fertility products; instead of focusing on what the product can do, they focused on why they want to help people to get children. The display of concern from a company is making the company, social. This social company will then be known as a leading figure in improving fertility for everyone. Their price is quite steep; targeted towards the middle class families, but their customer service is outstanding.

How about a company selling car jacks? How can we tell the customers why are we selling car jacks? It’s easy, you just gotta have a very good story of your car breaking down and your car jack messed up. If you can be a good storyteller, people will listen to you. People will buy your car jacks just because of your story; they don’t care if it’s expensive. I mean, it’s just car jacks!

When you see the why, it is very easy to find the how. From explaining the how, proceed to the what. This concept is widely discussed by Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why.

In this circle that Sinek called the Golden Circle, he mentioned that we need to start from why, as we are discovering our how and what. Most of the typical advertising is where the arrow is pointing backwards; started from what to how to why. This is a typical advertising copy:

This is our vacuum cleaner, G47 Turbo [what]. It helps cleaning your house by sucking up the dusts [how]. You should buy this to make your cleaning work easier [why].

That sounds bleak. It’s the things that make you put your guts up and get ready to avoid from being sold.

Now this is the right copy following the Golden Circle.

We want to help you make your cleaning work easier [why]. You need something to help cleaning your house by sucking up the dusts [how]. This is our vacuum cleaner, G47 Turbo [what].

Now that sounds more interesting. A very effective copywriting. There, that’s one thing you need to think about. Why?

Some people says that sales are everything. Everyone is in sales, and everyone depends on sales. It’s not easy talking about making sales offline, and now we are doing online sales? How hard can it be?

Believe me, it’s pretty hard.

You can’t really assess the situation. You don’t have the advantage of seeing the presence of your customer, so you can only imagine their emotion. If you guessed right, and you evoked enough emotion, they will be sold. In the physical world, we can see the reaction of the customer from the information we delivered to them.

You can sell one product, or you can sell multiple products under one brand, and if you’re imagining an online store of your own, you can even sell multiple products with multiple brands under your own online store! All these are very possible with Facebook. What if you only have some digital products? Not a problem at all, you can now connect your merchant account to Facebook and set up an online store for your digital products! There are no shipping preferences required, just an account and a digital product. Sell your eBooks, your music, or your art designs. We will cover the topic on setting up your online Facebook store later in this series.

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